Our Profile

Welcome to Saarc cases. Our company was founded in 1992 and through our long Journey of hard work and passion, we are now the established and proven specialists in manufacturing Roto Molded Military Grade Cases in India , developed through Indigenous technology and continual R&D.

Our cases are proven solutions to store and transport expensive equipments such as Radar , Communication , Electro Optical , Medical, Video , Navigational equipments and Armaments such as Guns , Missiles , Explosives , Mines etc that requires strong and long lasting packaging to withstand the rigorous field transportation and environmental conditions . We understand the customers requirements and tough specifications and make customized cases that provides a life time of expected service.

We have our headquarter in Bangalore and our new factory located on a Four acre campus in the Industrial city of Coimbatore (South India). It was dedicated to the nation’s security by Hon. Union Minister Shri. P. Chidambaram in July 2007. Our new factory has advanced processes for mass production and has all the test facilities in house to ensure we meet the toughest quality standards. We also deal with communication Military masts for defence application.

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